Will I use PAP therapy forever?

Even though PAP therapy is the most effective treatment that exists sleep apnea, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is forever. More than likely it will be forever. It is important to understand that one night without using the PAP therapy usually causes an immediate return of the same symptoms that motivated you to get help in the first place.
Weight loss can be hugely beneficial.

If sleep apnea only occurs during pregnancy, this will resolve in time.

Most people experience some inconvenience until they get used to using the PAP therapy equipment. Many people with sleep apnea will put up with this time of inconvenience because it is worth the trade off. They know the trade off includes better quality sleep, improved daytime alertness and function, and decreased risk for long-term health problems.

Technology is continuing to advance, including the treatment devices for sleep conditions. The devices are getting smaller, quieter, easier to use and less intrusive.

Alternatives exist such as oral appliances and surgical options and more are being researched and developed all the time.

Something better may come along which may keep you from having to use your PAP equipment for the rest of your life.

If you stick with the PAP therapy, don’t view it as a prison sentence for life. Instead, recognize it as a simple intervention that can drastically change your life for the better.


Will I have to use the PAP device every night?

It is important that you wear your PAP device when you sleep, every night. If you experience difficulty getting used to sleeping with the device, we recommend you use it for as long as you can each night. Then add an hour each night until you are able to sleep with the device for the entire night.

How often should I replace the filter?

If you are using a disposable filter (usually white colored and thinner than a non-disposable filter) you should change it twice a month. However, keep in mind that you may need to swap out these filters more often depending on the quality of the air in your room.

Sometimes I sense some dryness in my nose, mouth or throat; what should I do?

A heated humidifier specifically designed for your PAP device may help reduce dryness. Please refer to the user manual for operation instructions.

How much and what kind of water should I use with the heated humidifier?

Most humidifiers come with a water chamber that has a maximum water level mark on them. Do not pour water past this mark. The water used with the humidifier needs to be distilled water and must be changed daily.

Who do I contact if my machine breaks down or stops working properly?

Our DME department is happy to help answer any questions you have and can be reached by calling 866-987-1611.

How long will my mask and other accessories last and how do I get them replaced?

It’s important for your comfort and health that you replace your mask and supplies as recommended to ensure every component is working at its best. Even minimal replacement can help drive effective therapy. However, failing to replace certain items on the mask and PAP device may lead to poor outcomes.  Most insurance companies will authorize replacement supplies every 90 days.

How often should I clean my CPAP and supplies?

Wash the mask cushion in warm, soapy water – rinse and allow to air dry
Change the distilled water in the humidifier tank

Wash the humidifier tank in warm, soapy water – rinse and allow to air dry
Wash the tubing in warm, soapy water – rinse and allow to air dry

Change the cushion in the mask
Change the filter in the CPAP device (may replace up to two times per month)