How to use the Home Sleep Device?

How to use the ApneaLink:


How to use the Watermark ARES:

  • Step 1 Thoroughly wash and dry your forehead to remove any dirt or oil.
  • Step 2 Remove the plastic covers from the electrodes.

  • Step 3 Center the ARES sensor to the forehead and gently pull the black strap into place for a snug, secure fit.
  • Step 4 Remove hair from under the sensor, making sure there is direct contact to the skin.
  • Step 5 Adjust the slip tube to tighten the cannula.
    *Make sure the cannula tips cannot be pulled more than 1⁄4 inch away from the nose.
  • Step 6 Press the on button to begin Study.

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How to use Auto-CPAP:

  • Step 1 Align your H5i with your S9 and push them together until they click into place.
  • Step 2 Connect the DC plug of the power supply unit to the rear of the S9 unit.
  • Step 3 Connect the power cord to the power supply unit and plug it into the power outlet.
  • Step 4 Connect one end of the air tubing firmly onto the air opening on the back of the unit.
  • Step 5 Connect the assembled mask system to the free end of the air tubing.
  • Step 6 Turn on Device after putting on mask.
  • Step 7 Go to sleep.

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The Resmed Autopap