Just that basic minimum calculation would mean I have been in 2,480 Sunday services since conception.

As you know, my husband has been a Pastor for 26 years and I have worked in the Sleep Medicine field for over 16 years.  So, between the two of us. we have “church” and “sleep” intertwined in our lives and I have come to realize they go hand in hand.
I am getting ready to turn 47 years old this month (not a fan of this) and being the daughter of pastor,  I have literally been going to church since I was in the womb.   I wanted to calculate just how many times I have gone to church since my conception.  It would be impossible for me to calculate this accurately because I can’t add and also because we not only had Sunday morning services we had Sunday school, Sunday night services, revivals, Wednesday night services, summer camp services, youth convention, retreats, winter camp and other special events just to name a few.  So, my husband did a quick calculation based on my age (including the 9 months in the womb) and only attending only one Sunday church service per week.

Just that basic minimum would mean I was have been in 2,480 Sunday services. 

“2,480 church services I have attended since before the womb and that is based on only one Sunday service per week.” – Kymberly Black



Are you wondering what “church and sleep” have to do with each other and how I consider them to go hand in hand?

Or maybe the question should be something more in this regard…

Have you ever been to a church service where there isn’t at least one person who is sleeping? 

Think about it for a minute.

Please tell me that you know what I am talking about…

This amazes me because these people are sitting straight up in their seat and seem to be completely peaceful and asleep.

Out like a light…

This typically happens during the part of the church service that lasts more than a few minutes when the congregants are actually just sitting and listening.  The rest of the time during a service there is singing, standing, clapping, praying, watching announcements or a short video, and so forth.

Most of the time these congregants are quiet sleepers but every once in awhile you get a mouth breather, a hisser type wheezer or even a intermittent snorer.   I have actually been in a service where it seemed as though the snorer was timing it perfectly at the each pause by the speaker.  I found myself anticipating each pause to see if the snorer would be successful.

Since I was at church from dusk to dawn on Sunday’s while growing up, you get the opportunity to watch these particular congregants nestle in and fall asleep.  Many times it just seemed like a weekly routine for them almost as if they were waiting to get to church to get some shuteye.

It would be great to see clinical data that has measured the effectiveness of the pastors sermon on a congregant sleeping with the congregant awake and listening intently.  I bet we would be very surprised with this data.

We had one family member who attended his dad’s church with his family and he was one that nestled in and off to slumber each week at the sermon portion.  Many times he would have his arms crossed in front of him as he dozed off to enjoy this much needed peaceful sleep.  This one particular time, this man’s son decided to squeeze his dad’s leg hard and say, “Dad, grandpa wants you to stand and pray for the offering.”  This family member stood very quickly and started to pray before he realized the preacher was right in the middle of his sermon.

Some people need to sleep at their own risk I suppose…

The real question is why are they sleeping during this time in church?  I did ask my husband what he thinks when he sees someone sleeping during his message and he said it varies… His immediate responses were:

“I must be boring them do death.”
“This sermon must be bad.”
“Been there, done that.”
“Late night?”
“Why do they always sit in the first three rows?”
“Hey, this is boring for me today too.”’
“Let’s turn the air conditioning down so we all stay awake.”


“I must be boring them to death.” -Todd Black


Take the quiz below to find out if you are sleep deprived:

  • After I get up, I still feel tired most of the day.
  • I often hit the snooze button more than once in the morning.
  • I wake up a lot at night.
  • I often feel mentally sluggish during the day.
  • On weekends and vacations, I sleep a lot longer than I normally do to “catch up.”
  • I tend to load up on caffeine through coffee, energy drinks, or sodas to “keep me going.”
  • Within a couple of hours before I go to bed I exercise or spend a lot of time in front of my computer monitor or my iPad.

If you circled at least three, there’s a good chance you’re not getting enough sleep and this could be more serious than staying up too late.  You may want to see a Board Certified Sleep Physician who can discuss a customized plan to get you on the road to healthy sleeping.  I just happen to know a couple of outstanding Sleep Specialists…. Please check out more of this website to get answers to many of the questions you may have here at www.americansleepcenters.com.

What can we do about it?

  1. If you are sleep deprived, admit it.   Most of us would rather keep living at in this state than to actually admit we have  problem.
  2. Check with your Doctor or a Board Certified Sleep Physician… (I know a couple amazing ones…). If you have been previously diagnosed with a sleep disorder, set an appointment with American Sleep Centers to call in or come in and discuss the issues keeping you from using the treatment prescribed to you and to go over options now available.
  3. Re-adjust your schedule to get more sleep. Go to bed earlier. This is a very effective way to regain that sleep. You can actually make up time sleeping just by determining to go to sleep earlier and following through.
  4. Give yourself some grace if you are in a season with a new baby or two.    Most babies don’t respect your need for sleep. Even though it seems like time is standing still and will never end, give it time and this will pass.

Guess what!?!?!?!?!? At American Sleep Centers, All we do is sleep!

Contact us today to get scheduled to meet with one of our Board Certified Sleep Physician either through Telemedicine or in person. The Sleep Physician can discuss a customized plan that takes your insurance coverage and preferences into consideration for you personally.

You can reach us by emailing info@americansleepcenters.com or calling us at 866-987-1611 and we would love to help you on your journey of healthy sleeping.


“All We Do Is Sleep.”


The bottom line is that sleep is good for us. It is the time for reflection and renewal of the body, which is much needed.


Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog.  – Sleepy Blogger


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Experienced Healthcare Executive and Business Development. My professional life was launched working remotely out of my home 18 years ago as a patient care liaison for asthma and COPD patients. After a few years of building a successful local office with 15 on staff, I ventured into the sleep medicine arena. I enjoy representing a top sleep company and the privilege of making a dramatic difference in people's lives by providing full service diagnostic testing and treatment. American Sleep Centers focuses on helping people change their lives and sleep, literally overnight. I am a native Californian and live in Southern California with my husband who I have been married to 26 years. We have two adult children who also live in Southern California and who have both worked at the sleep center at one time or another. I enjoy to communicate through writing and have a personal blog you can find titled, ordinarypastorswife.com.

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