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CPAP Machine Rental Policy

Affordable CPAP Machine Rental Policy

Our Machine Rental Program allows our customers to purchase a 34-day (including transit) rental period on many of our machines (CPAP, Auto CPAP, and Bi-Level) and heated humidifiers. With this trial period, you can have the option of testing a new type of machine for a full 30 days prior to making an actual purchase.

Many of our customers have expressed concern about switching to a new type of machine or new manufacturer and do not want to spend a large amount of money on a machine they do not like. With the Machine Rental Program, you have the ability to test many of our most popular machines and their special features for a fraction of the cost.

We also have rentals available when your machine is being returned or repaired under your manufacturer’s warranty. This will allow you to continue with your CPAP/BPAP therapy.

You may purchase a rental period at AMERICAN SLEEP CENTERS and sleep soundly for whatever amount of time it takes to repair your broken unit.
All machines come with humidifiers and are sanitized and sent to you with new tubing and a new filter. All machines are due back to our office on the 34th day after the date of purchase (including transit time).
A deposit of $240 will be charged at the time of purchase and refunded when we receive the machine back in the original packaging. You will be able to choose from different brands and we will send out the next available machine that matches your request. The brand of the machine you receive is solely chosen by American Sleep Centers.

After your completed purchase of a rental machine through AMERICANSLEEPCENTERS.COM (subject to applicable shipping costs as defined in our Shipping Policy), we will send your sanitized machine with one tubing and filter. The machine rental period lasts for only 30 days. From the date of your placed order, we allow for a TOTAL of 34 days (including transit time to reach our office) for one rental period.

Prescriptions are required for the rental machine. If you have purchased a machine at AMERICANSLEEPCENTERS.COM prior to your rental purchase, please notify us of a prescription on file. You may also fax the prescription to provided fax number (909) 987-3100 or email a scanned copy to A copy of the prescription must be received before we will ship your rental machine. Please send a copy of your prescription within 7 business days.

Please note that any canceled orders due to not providing a prescription will be charged a convenience fee of 10% at the time of refund. Mask guarantee purchase is not allowed while renting a machine. Any problems with prescriptions please call customer service to assist at (909) 987-3100.

Home Sleep Test Rental Policy

Questions, Comments, Concerns

Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns. We are available via email at, or via telephone at (909) 987-3100

Real Patient Testimonials

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We constantly invest in high-end equipment

american sleep centers

American Sleep Centers has staff members who are serious about sleep.  If you are “Dreaming of a Good Night Sleep,”  you will experience the highest in comfort and convenience with our in-lab and in-home (HST) sleep studies, PAP therapy devices and supplies.

All we do is SLEEP, offering services tailored to your needs and preferences with our specialized sleep doctors and technicians.

We take care of our customers… and they agree!

  • Yelp Review: Had to get a sleep apnea test for my job, I wasn't sure how or what action to take. Located American Sleep Center and they basically had answers to all my questions and got me through the testing and fitted with the newest sleep apnea machine available. The staff and sleep areas are wonderful.  
    John A.
  • Yelp Review: This place was amazing! The staff was very nice and professional! They answered all my questions and told me what my out of pocket portion due would be. Tania was very helpful with all my insurance questions. The night of my study was great as well, felt like I was on vacation. The technicians were very smart and made me feel at home. I loved the rooms too!
    Violet R.
  • Yelp Review: I would recommend American Sleep Centers. I had a great experience. They called me to make the appointment & gave me detailed info as to what to expect. The staff were all friendly & Louis took great care of me. The rooms are clean & nicely decorated & comfortable. The sleep number bed was comfortable & you can adjust your # which was great. They provide you snacks at night & in the morning. Before you leave in the morning you can shower & they provide shampoo, conditioner, & shower gel. The water pressure was fantastic. Overall it was great & I would recommend them.
    Joanne C.